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Ty Mattson ~ Birth Announcement

Take a look at this very delightful yet personal project by Ty Mattson, to announce the birth of his son Shepard. This is what the designer had to say about the project… “When I found ...

Nov, 17 · in Invitations

Branding by Chad Michael Smith

Designed by Chad Michael Smith from United States. Here is what he had to say about the project… “The goal was to create a self-identity system that was unique to my character. I wanted to ...

Personal Stationery by Dustin K. Friesen

I love these hexagon shape business cards by designer Dustin K. Friesen. Here is what he had to say about the project… “This was a fairly ambitious undertaking, especially with my minuscule personal budget. I ...

Nov, 08

Identity Project by Hovard Design

I found this great branding identity collection for Eastfield Village on design­work­life. Here is what the designers Hovard Design had to say about the project… “We recently had the priv­i­lege to work with Don Carpentier, ...

Nov, 07

Brand­ing for 11 Boundary by Edge & Barrett

This branding concept looks fantastic, especially having 11 Boundary’s beautiful log printed on the reverse of the stylish black envelope! This is what the designers Edge and Barrett have said about the project… ‘The opening ...

Nov, 03

Swink Self Promotion by Studio On Fire

Studio on Fire are a very talented team from Minnesota. In 1999, they began letterpress printing in a cold basement and today they are a busy and thriving design and printing studio. I love so ...

Oct, 31

NEWTON INVITATIONS by Anchalee Chambundabongse

“I had the recent honor of designing wedding invitations for my friends Conn Newton and Margie McGee. They were married in the fall and their reception was held outdoors, on a beautiful wooded property on ...

Oct, 30



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